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Books and Reading: Books and Reading

Booklists, recommended reading, book blogs and more. All things to do with books in their many different formats.

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To ebook or not to ebook? – that is the question. This is an issue that stirs up much debate amongst readers, authors, publishers and librarians. A recent study found that 95% of people under 30 preferred the printed book to its electronic counterpart. So if you are under or over 30, whether you want to defend the printed paperback or sing the praises of the ebook, have your say and complete our survey by clicking on the link below.

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Research on Reading

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Need a good book?


Looking for a great book to read? Check out the links and tabs for news and reviews, award-winners and bestsellers, as well as the lists of books available in our library.

Remember to ask the library staff if you would like further suggestions. Please feel free to email us with titles that you would like to see in the library, we always appreciate your recommendations!

Here' are some great sites to get you started.

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NSW Premier's Reading Challenge



Online books

Boys and Reading

The Book Zone

The Book Zone's 'mission' is to raise awareness of the vast wealth of 'boy-friendly' books that have been published since Harry Potter burst onto the scene.

You Are What You Read: Bookshelves of Famous People

You Are What You Read: Bookshelves of Famous People

Books in our Library

Boys and reading

Tips, ideas and strategies to inspire more boys to read.

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